Aircraft Management

Safe, Reliable, And Efficient Aviation Management For Aircraft Owners

FLY12 takes pride in our commitment and attention to detail when it comes to managing our clients’ aircraft. Our skilled management team provides a wide range of services. From the scheduling of accommodations for transportation and catering, we can help you at every step of the way. For day trips, overnights, or vacations, our clients can rest assured knowing we have taken care of all the details.

Pilot Services

A pilot’s knowledge, training, and experience is essential to ensure safe and successful flights. Our network of well-trained, accomplished professionals can assure our client’s aircraft is staffed with the best people for the job.

Scheduling Services

We go above and beyond for our clients’ specific flight needs. We take the headache out of any trip by handling the scheduling from start to finish. Our team will coordinate your first class pilot, communicate with FBO’s, and ensure our clients have everything they need along the way.

Aircraft Maintenance

Scheduling and closely overseeing the maintenance of our clients’ aircraft is a top priority for our management team. We maintain our clients’ aircraft to manufacturer standards, and all aircraft under our management comply with FAA regulations to operate legally and safely.

Other Aircraft Management Services:

Our management team provides comprehensive care for our clients. Other services are included but not limited to:
  • Scheduling & Availability – Full owner control over scheduling and private aircraft availability.
  • Hangar needs – We take care of the research, communication, travel, and paperwork involved in finding the right hangar for our clients.
  • Insurance needs – We carry out exhaustive research, communication, and paperwork to ensure our clients’ aircraft are properly insured for their safety. We also offer our management clients the opportunity to participate in our discounted fleet policy insurance coverage.
  • Exhaustive Reporting – We provide in-depth financial and operational reporting about your private aircraft.
  • Subscription and updates – We focus on communication, renewals, and in-aircraft updates to ensure our clients’ aircraft and systems are always up-to-date.
  • Fuel discounts – We extend our resources and memberships for discounted fuel prices to our clients during any scheduled trip.