Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

When it comes to aircraft sales and acquisition, our long experience in brokerage gives us a competitive edge. We have a long list of potential clients, broker partners, and operators to whom we can promote your aircraft. Likewise, we can help you identify the best aviation asset for acquisition. With a single point of contact, we ensure that all necessary tasks for the sale and acquisition of the aircraft are done quickly.

Aircraft Sales

Our experienced brokers have a reliable system for researching comparison aircrafts and calculating the precise market value. We take all of the work out of the negotiations, handle all of the paperwork, and guide you through the closing and escrow proceedings. In today’s market, there is a high demand for all types of aircraft. We can help you sell yours today at your desired terms.

Multi-Channel Advertisement

Choosing the appropriate tools to ensure a sale is critical. At FLY12, we use cross-market channels to give the aircraft on sale the best possible chance to increase potential buyer interest. The multi-channeled approach enables us to minimize blind spots related to the client’s reach. Our extensive network and a cross-channel approach guarantee a successful sale within the best time limits.

Aircraft Acquisitions

At FLY12, we assist our clients in navigating the acquisition process from start to finish. Our dedicated acquisition team will begin with a detailed interview to assess your specific requirements in an aircraft. From corporate travel to leisure trips, your aviation needs are tailored into a report our team uses to perform a comprehensive search in aircraft market availability.

Rigorous Analysis & Calculation

Our team will perform an all-inclusive cost analysis calculation for your aircraft. Our relationships with reliable vendors, brokers, and maintenance facilities will guide you through the pre-purchase inspection and closing process with ease.